Taylor Study Method: EPPP Study Guide Review

To start, I want to let you know I have absolutely no affiliation with Taylor Study Method, this is an unbiased EPPP Study Guide Review of the TSM Program.  While I have offered free study material, it may not be enough for you and that is OK.  Even if you feel overwhelmed you can still pass the EPPP, you may just need some additional support and only you know what is best for you.  I have listed a few options on the Product Reviews page, and I will post a couple specific links for how to purchase EPPP specific material on EBay

Product: Taylor Study Method

Price: $350 per month

Cheapest Place to Buy: No alternatives.Taylor Study Method

Free Trial: Limited

My Rating: 7 out of 10

What are the Features of the Taylor Study Method?

Taylor Study Method advertises a “proven method of learning” with step by step structure.  They are completely online and break their material down into 160 different 1 hour study sessions, which is fairly unique in comparison to other programs.  They also include test questions with rationales, flashcards, and individual support.  Another feature unique to TSM is the ability to customize the course based on what you already know.

The Content

As mentioned, the study material is broken down into 160 1-hour sessions, and they advertises that they cover over 800 key terms and definitions.  Each of these terms is given on a flashcards, which incorporates “reasonable alternative” which is meant to alert you to possible wrong that may be multiple choices on the exam.  These flashcards can be edited and printed, but a hard copy version is not available.  The content has 3 ways of studying, the written, the audio, and for some areas a video.  you will also have access to over 4000 exam questions with a rationale for the answer.  Finally you have access to TSM’s exam strategies both for taking the test and to place your self in a “winning mind-set.”

Fully Online

The catch phrase TSM uses is “why use antiquated delivery systems” in reference to the use of books.  They advertise you can access their program anytime, anywhere….as long as you have an internet connection.  This may appeal to some people while turning some people away from TSM, it is a personal preference.  If you are skeptical about this system they will do offer some training on how to make the most of an online learning platform, such as learning strategies to use and pitfalls to avoid.

Custom “Taylored”

This program is customized based on 2 factors: 1) How much you already know.  Prior to even starting to study TSM will give you the opportunity to write an initial assessment exam so you can determine a baseline of knowledge.  Your study process is then built based on the strength and weaknesses you displayed on the initial assessment exam. 2)  How many hours per week you have to study and when you plan to take the exam.  Basically if you have given yourself lots of time you will spend a great seal of time on the material, if you are looking to get through it as quick as possible it will be considerably less time.  This schedule is developed while keeping in mind you will need time to complete a final review before you write the EPPP.

TSM Video

This is something somewhat unique to TSM in that it offers instruction through video learning, and the production quality of the videos is actually pretty good.  The videos are meant to focus on the areas that typically students tend to overlook or have a hard time understanding.  In addition to difficult concepts these videos also cover non-content related topics such as test prep strategies, study skills, online learning strategies, and test day strategies.

TSM Mobilemobile

TSM recognizes the ever changing landscape of technology and does their bet to meet it, which is why  they have  created their mobile platform.  The idea being that you can study anywhere you are at anytime, and make studying fit around your busy life.  They advertise it as a way to study on your commute, while waiting in line, at a restaurant….anywhere anytime.  While they do give you strategies on how to make the most of your online experience, some of the criticism is that this is not a very mindful way to study and may not be overly effective.  To study while you are only half paying attention, and trying to multi-task.

TSM Live

If you thinking that this program seems just a little bit isolated there are some options that help to relieve this concern.  But these workshops are very different that how the other programs offer them. Typically workshops are about content, and some of the 4 day workshops can cover a lot of ground in a short cram session.  TSM moves away from this and claims these workshops are ineffective and therefore uses their live sessions as a question and answer period.  These workshops are offered through a webinar, which has the benefit of not having to travel but you are sitll not in contact with actual people.

One to One

There is some ongoing support for both content specific questions as well as tech trouble shooting.  There is TSM support available during normal business hours and multiple ways of getting into contact with people for help.  In addition to this there is a forum and instant chat so you can connect with other TSM members going through the preparation phase.

Money Back Guarantee

You are eligible for either a refund of your money up to $1400, or an extra 3 months of access for free (you have to select one or the other, you can’t select the extra 3 months and then if you fail again try to get your money back). There are 6 requirements to be eligible:

  • You must have been a member between 4 and 6 months
  • You must have completed all material in order. No more than 2 full length exams and 1 domain specific exam (per exam) prior to moving into phase 3
  • You must have had a coaching appointment with Dr. Taylor on the Friday before you took the exam.
  • You must have taken the test within 1 week of you membership expiration, and a copy of both the dated authorization to test and a copy of your test results.
  • You must notify TSM 1 week prior to taking the test and within 3 weeks of failing.
  • You may have only froze your account 1 time in 16 weeks, for a maximum of 7 days.

How Much Does it Cost?

There are 2 options for pricing, but the price varies depending on how long you plan to be enrolled in the program.  These prices are in USD and are subject to change, they are up to date as of 2017.

EPPP Month to Month Subscription

The first month costs $449, and each month after that is $350.

EPPP Test Only Membership

Each month of access costs $299, and you can cancel at anytime.

First Month Prep in Pairs

In order to give you a little bit of a break in cost TSM does offer a unique option, and that is to split the cost of the first month with a friend.  You need to email them ahead of time to set everything up, but in the end it will save each person $175.  you still each pay the $99 start up fee, and then split the first month suscription at $175 each, after that it resumes to $350 each per month.

Buy Back Program

If you have buyers remorse TSM has an option for you.  You may qualify for the buy back program if you have purchased another study program and have changed your mind and would rather go with TSM.  I don’t know many details about the criteria as they would like each person to call them directly so they can review personally on a case by case basis.

Free Trial

Not really.  You can get free access to a portion of the site to see what it is like, but it is extremely limited in comparison to what other programs offer as a free trial.


Taylor Study Method is a good program, and if you like everything online and feel that having mobile access to a study program would be beneficial for you this may be a program you like.  The Pros: It’s structured, offers video learning, customizes the program to you, lots and lots of practice questions.  The Cons: It’s all online, its expensive as you will need a few months of access at minimum, there have been quite a few people reporting negative experiences with TSM

The study material is more in depth than the material provided here. This website has provided the basic essentials which are meant to be used with your own research and knowledge. I definitely recommend the free account to see the what the platform is like. My personal opinion (which you are welcome to disagree with) is that what you really need is the study material and practice tests, the other stuff is nice to have rather than must have. I can’t disagree that the nice to haves are…well…nice!  But they come at a cost and you will have to decide what is best for your budget.

There really is no cheap way to get your hands on the Taylor Study Method, unlike the other programs where you can purchase used version on EBay. Maybe you have never bought anything on EBay, or you feel unsure about how it works. Check out this review of eBay including how to register and buy products, as well as why it is safe. If you like the online aspect there are other EPPP apps that you may want to consider purchasing, or consider investing in one of the other books recommended on the product reviews page!

6 thoughts on “Taylor Study Method: EPPP Study Guide Review

  1. It’s a great sharing, actually I prefer online more than offline, I know it depends on personal. Because I think that with the online study you can access the program anytime anywhere, to most important is you can access the internet. This is really all in control by yourself. But the online study is bad for those who have not enough self-discipline.
    Yea, actually the subscription fees is another issue for this program too, it’s really a bit high that not everyone can afford.

    1. Thanks for your input, its true some people may benefit from the online program. For me I find being online distracting, too many other things that can divert my attention. You have to know yourself and what your own study style is. And I agree about the price, compared to some of the others formal prep programs it initially looks like the price is much less, but when you consider that typically people are spending 4 months or more studying that adds up quickly.

  2. The thing about an online program is that it really all depends on the person. I find the internet a bit distracting, but if you are able to focus on the program for an hour a day, I bet the program will work. Paying for a program may seem like a waste of time, but what you are essentially paying is the information. Follow the program and results will come.

    1. It is so true, for some people being completely online could be very appealing. And while most programs offer a mix, Taylor Study Method is the only one that is completely online, so you will have to determine on your own if this is the best for you. Another consideration is often times people sell their used material when they are done to recuperate some of the cost. With a 100% online program that is not possible.

  3. I personally had a very bad experience with Taylor Study Method and did not find that they adequately prepare you for the exams. Also, after contacting them to discuss the missing components, I was met with a very uncaring response. I will definitely use one of the other companies going forward. Wasted my money.

    1. This seems to be a common theme in people that review Taylor Study method. It looks good on paper, seems to offer everything that all the other programs do and maybe even more. But there are a few negative personal experiences that I think need to be taken into account when you are choosing a program. Thanks for your feedback Cindy!

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