Study Tips

Knowing what to expect on the EPPP is the first step to being able to pass the exam.  There are 8 topics or domains on the exam, with varying emphasis on each topic. There are 225 multiple choice questions, each question has 4 possible responses.  Of those 225 questions, 50 are pretest items and do not count towards the final score.  Scores are scaled and range between 200 and 800, you need a 500 to pass which is roughly equivalent to 70%.

1. Pick a Date to Write the Exam

Yes before you even start studying.  With this particular exam you can put it off forever, and you will never know the material 100%.  So pick a date, this will motivate you to study more effectively.  At the same time be realistic, if you are just starting pick a date 4-6 months away.

2. Write Practice Exams

The EPPP has a unique question style.  Questions are overly worded with vague answers, they seem hard the first few times you encounter these questions.  But with a little practice you will get used to the questions style and that is half the battle.

You will want to start taking practice tests right away, before you’ve even gone through all the material.  There are 3 ways to take a test: study mode, retake mode, and test mode.  In study mode you take the test in as much time as you need, split it over as many days as you need. Answer the question and look at the answer right awa
y, then take a quick look at the material to make sure you understand the whole concept.  Retake mode is the second time you take a test.  Again allow yourself as much time as you need, but wait until the end to look up your answers.  Then go through each and every question and look up the material and make sure you understand the concept completely. Test Mode is a timed test and the third time you will write an exam.  Write the test in under 4 hours and 15 minutes, I recommend you go do this in a quiet place where you are free from distractions, like a library.

By doing the exams this way it is quite time consuming, so I recommend you do about 1 exam per week (study mode may take you 2 weeks depending on how much time you have to study). Write a couple exams in study mode, then alternate between test and retake mode for couple weeks.  Once you have completed about 4 separate exams in both study mode and retake mode, try a couple exams in test mode. After you have gone through all the material in depth try to write at least one practice exam that you have never written before in test mode.  Rewrite these exams until you are consistently scoring 95%.


3. Learn the Material

Go Through all 8 topics of material in depth.  I recommend starting with the material with the most weight (ethics) and moving through towards that which has the least weight (research methods), but that’s personal preference. Some others will suggest starting with the theory and making sure you have a good grasp of that material first, but you should already have a general knowledge of the theory and studying how it is applied first can make understanding the concepts of the theory a little more understandable when you go back to it.  Spend about a week on each topic, and read it 3 times.  First, lightly read it without worrying about memorizing or fully understanding concepts.  Second, read through in depth and make sure you fully understand the concepts.  Third read and try to memorize key components.  It should take you 8 weeks to go through all the material like this (keep in mind you will also be doing practice exams).  Then go through it all again, still using the 3 read through approach.  It probably won’t take you a full week the second time but don’t rush it either.

Explore this website and you will find multiple articles exploring topics that will be on the EPPP, and these articles are what makes up this websites Free EPPP Study Guide.  You may find the information on this site is not enough to help you feel confident about your ability to pass the exam, which is completely OK and only you can be the judge of what you need.  If this information seems overwhelming to you it does NOT mean you will fail the exam, but you may require a little more in depth material than is offered here.  That is why there is a Product Reviews page which will give you a variety of additional options.


4. Make a Timeline

A timeline is about goals.  I’ve given you a rough timeline that will take about 4 months to complete, but you know yourself best and  how much time you have to focus on the EPPP.  If studying for this exam is your one and only focus right now you could be ready to write the exam in 6 weeks. If you work full time while balancing a family it may take you more like 6 months.  Write your goals down, be specific as possible, and make a timeline.  Don’t wait until you finish studying to schedule an exam sitting, depending on where you live it can take a month or two to get in to write the exam.  You can over study so I can not stress enough the importance of actually paying the fee and scheduling the exam.  If something unexpected comes up you can reschedule the exam if you absolutely need to.