Psychprep: Test Prep Review for the EPPP

To start, I want to let you know I have absolutely no affiliation with Psychprep, this is an unbiased test prep review of the Psychprep program.  While I have offered free study material, it may not be enough for you and that is OK.  Even if you feel overwhelmed you can still pass the EPPP, you may just need some additional support and only you know what is best for you.  I have listed a few options on the Product Reviews page, and I will post a couple specific links for how to purchase the material on EBay.

Product: Psychpreppsychprep

Price: $1200-1475 (new)

Cheapest Place to Buy: Ebay

Free Trial: Yes

My Rating: 8.5 out of 10

What Makes Psychprep Unique?

The biggest difference between psychprep compared to other EPPP prep programs is the way the material is condensed.  Rather than having multiple volumes with each covering a different topic, Psychoprep has made all effort to condense their material to a single volume.  It is a BIG volume, but it is more concise that their competition.  The reason for this is that Psychprep claims that the extra information and unnecessary details dont actually help your learning, rather they overwhelm people and increase test anxiety, as well as taking extra time to study and therefore delaying the time it takes you to be ready for and actually take the exam.

Similiar to many other programs Psychprep has online practice exams, and you are able to take each test 3 times.  but they are fairly flexible on this 3 attempts rule, so if you aren’t scoring well on the exams they will give you extra access to the exams for free.  You will have access to the tests for one year, which is more than enough time if you don’t procrastinate on studying.  If you happen to fail you are able to go back to zero and take each tests up to 3 times again as long as you are still in the one year mark.  So you really want to get on your studying so that you have enough time in case you need to re-write the exam (but think positive, you will pass it!).

Practice exams are a big part of the Psychprep study strategy as they (like many others) believe that experience with EPPP type questions makes a big difference between pass and fail rates (see the product reviews page for practice exam options).  But psychprep goes a step further and not only offers practice exams but also gives a description of why an answer is correct AND why the incorrect response is not the answer.  This really helps to understand the design of the exam, and it makes taking the practice exams a form of studying.

Similiar to other program Psychprep offers a study guideline, but they are very specific such as giving a timeline recommendation as well as what you should be expecting your scores to be on the practice exams.  They also offer a live seminar or a home study program, and if you are involved in either of these you can expect weekly contact with an expert (in person or email) with personal feedback and recommendation.  This can be really helpful in not only problem solving but also keeping you focused, or can help to alleviate a bit of test anxiety if that is something you experience or expect to experience.

Unlike many other EPPP prep programs Psychprep does NOT encourage flashcards, and therefore does not offer them.  They have a very specific reason for this, and that is because flashcards focus on memorization as opposed to critical thinking.  The Psychprep strategy (and what they attribute their success rates to) is more than just knowledge, its based on a foundation of content mastery, AKA really understanding the concepts rather than just memorizing the word to explain them.  If you really like flashcards don’t let this dissuade you from Psychprep as you can purchase flashcards from other providers is you feel they important to your learning style.

Strategy for the EPPPEPPP exam

Psychprep’s main goal is to keep information through yet concise, so their overall strategy is to ensure you have a “thorough understanding of the general content domains and the major concepts in them.” But this does not mean that the program glosses over important details.  Because the EPPP is a multiple choice test there is a certain pattern is the type of questions that can be expected, and therefore they gear the content to focus on subtle differences.  They really focus on “concept understanding” and that is a big reason why the learning material is offered over so many different medians (classes, workshops, audio CD, written material, and practice exams).

There are 3 components to the Psychprep EPPP strategy:

1. Develop Your Test-Taking Skills

They do have a very specific test taking strategy which you will hear about in any of the different programs, and it includes doing practice tests in 3 different ways which is covered on the study tips page.  What this does is turn the process of taking a practice test into an actual study tool, it’s most likely unlike any way you have ever studied for but it is great for EPPP preparation (even if you already feel confident in you ability to do multiple choice exams).  They also teach you test taking skills specific to the type of multiple choice questions you can expect on the EPPP.  During the practice exams there is a very detailed explanation for why the correct answer is the best choice, as well as why the incorrect answer is not right and this helps you to understand the concepts in the moment of taking the test.

2. Structure Your Study Time

The Psychprep programs knows that this is such a big test that often times people don’t know where to start or how much time to spend on each topic.  Because of this they offer you a very detailed study schedule, they even break it down to how many hours per week you should dedicate to studying.  There is some flexibility, the initial recommendations take 3-4 months but they also have a shorter schedule that takes 4-6 weeks and a longer schedule at 6-9 months.  They also recommend you start with a practice exam before you start with any actual studying!  This is for a couple reason, first it helps you to establish a baseline score and gives you a adequate scale of how your learning is progressing.  Second it gives you a taste of how the exam questions are worded so you know what to expect as you are studying.  The study schedule recommends taking about 5 different tests, but 3 times each, so every week of studying you are doing a practice test.  Each week you are also learning a new topic, which is slow enough to learn details but fast enough you aren’t obsessing over memorizing every word.

3. Track Your Progress with Psychprep Staff

There are very clear and specific guidelines on what you should be achieving on practice tests each week.  The reasons these guidelines are so specific is that if you are not meeting them then your individual weekly feedback will attempt to analyze where are struggling and give you tailored recommendations or encouragement.  This feedback is to help catch any problems or weak spots early, and they will also let you know if you are ready to take the test or if you need more time preparing.  In case you are wondering the people giving feedback are experienced licensed psychologists who have over 10 years of experience teaching for Psychprep.  Psychprep claims that if you have the expert feedback “you are 99% likely to PASS” (I’m not sure is this claim is based on actual statistical data).

Free Introductory Package

Similar to their competition Psychprep does offer a free introductory package and I highly recommend you get it, you have nothing to lose so you may as well.  Here is what it includes:

1) Study Strategies Handout and 3 audio files (either CDs or MP3s).

  • EPPP overview
  • Multple choice strategy’s handout
  • How to optimize content study
  • Guidelines for structuring study time
  • How to avoid potential pitfalls specifc to the EPPP
  • How to monitor you overall progress

2) Chapter 1 (Theories and Principles of Learning and Behavior), 2 audio files, and Learning Theory Quiz Questions

  • The first chapter as well as the audio files that accompany it
  • Classical conditioning, operant conditioning, and social learning theory reviewed and explained in a clear, dynamic, and engaging format
  • How to apply these concept to specific exam questions.

The introductory package is available either through mail (handouts with CD’s) or to download (PDF and CD’s).

How much does Psychprep cost?

Before you get deterred by the prices, know that at the end of this review I talk about how you can purchase material at a discounted price on EBay. There are 2 ways to buy the material, either individually or through a package.  The packages offer the best value if you are intending to purchase multiple programs.  These prices are in USD and are subject to change, this information is as of 2017.

EPPP Premium Package

Premium Package A with Comprehensive Audio-$1650

Premium Package A-$1475

Premium Package B-$1325

Premium Package C-$1200

15-Week Seminar (Los Angeles)
Online Tests
Comprehensive Audio
Weekend Workshop Live (Los Angeles) Live (Los Angeles) Live (Los Angeles) Home Study
Weekly Expert Feedback

EPPP Individual Programs

EPPP Study Material and Online Tests-$725

EPPP Online Tests-$500

EPPP Comprehensive Audio-$250

EPPP Weekend Workshop- $500

EPPP Weekend Workshop Home Study-$325

***All packages that have an online testing subscription include expert feedback at no additional cost


Psychprep is an excellent program, due to the concise nature of the material its my preference out of the 4 major prep programs.  The Pros: It’s concise, practice tests are included, audio material, you get a rationale for why answers are right or wrong, you get personal feedback, workshop is included.  The Cons: No Flashcards, HIGH cost!!!!

I won’t lie, the study material is more in depth than the material provided here. This website has provided the basic essentials which are meant to be used with your own research and knowledge. I definitely recommend the free introductory package to see what the difference is. My personal opinion (which you are welcome to disagree with) is that what you really need is the study material and practice tests, the other stuff is nice to have rather than must have. I can’t disagree that the nice to haves are…well…nice!  But they come at a cost and you will have to decide what is best for your budget.  But there is another option if you really want to sue Psychprep, and that is buying used material on EBay.

Maybe you have never bought anything on EBay, or you feel unsure about how it works. Check out this review of eBay including how to register and buy products, as well as why it is safe.  This is the best way to get quality used Psychprep material at a quality discount price.  Or if you want something new but not at Pychprep prices check out the product reviews page!

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