Product Reviews

The goal with the website is to provide information for free, but it is intended to be used in conjunction with your own knowledge, education, and research.  If you are finding the free EPPP study guide provided on this website is not enough information for you, that is OK.  This does not mean that you are going to fail the EPPP, but it may mean that you need some more in depth study material.  I highly recommend purchasing practice exam questions as this is a vital part of the Study Tips provided. Here is a review of a variety of different products in a varying price ranges, and there should be something for every price range.

Mometrix EPPP Secrets Study Guide- Click HereEPPP study material

Mometrix is an organization that has created study guides for a variety of different professional exams, and the material is put together from a staff of professional researchers and content writers.  The book is written in easy to understand language and there is a money back guarantee if you do not pass the exam.  The company also has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.  Mometrix approach is to teach the test in addition to the material in order to help you know how to apply the knowledge.  There is also a section on test anxiety if this is a concern for you, a quick reference guide, and it also include a few practice questions (although I would suggest purchasing additional test questions).  This study guide is no more than a typical textbook, which is a significant price drop in comparison to other study programs.  You get a lot of information for the price, and with the money back guarantee it is no risk.

EPPP Flashcard Study System- Click Here

flashcardsThe EPPP is a content driven exam, and the intent is to test you on material you already know.  What this means is that it is not about solving problems, but about what you actually know and therefore repetition can be very helpful.  The creators of the flashcards that I recommend is Mometrix, an organization responsible for study material for multiple professional exams accredited by the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating, and a staff of professional researchers and writers. This system comes with additional bonuses such as practice questions, a guide to maximize flashcard learning, study secrets, test anxiety advice, and an EPPP quick reference guide.  There is also a money back guarantee is you do not pass the exam.  The flashcards cost about the same as a typical textbook, which is a lot less than many other study programs.  There is a lot of benefit to flashcards, and this may be an excellent tool to maximize your learning.DSM5


I recommend having a DSM-V not just for studying for the EPPP, but also for your career going forward. In regard to the exam, the topic of Assessment and Diagnosis is worth 14%, so you can see how this may be useful to have.  There is also a compact version known as the desk reference, but I highly recommend spending the extra money for the full version. An employer will NOT necessarily provide this for you, and even if you are not diagnosing people directly there is a good chance you will be working alongside people that do.

EPPP Fundamentals: Review for the Examination for the Practice of Professional Psychology- Click HereEPPP Study Guide

If you just want the material and have no interest in study tips or test writing strategies, this book is a good choice.  There are a few study tips, but the majority of the book is dedicated solely to the material you are required to know for the exam.  You can actually read the first chapter on amazon to see if you like the book (simply follow the link through the title above).  It is writen by professionals in the industry that have actually taken the EPPP and have personal experience studying for it.  It also includes 300 sample practice exam questions, which is a good start but I highly recommend purchasing additional exams.

Practice Exams- Click Here

practice questionsPractice exams are essential, and I recommend doing 3 exams or more.  There is a recommended way to use the practice exams which I go over on the Study Tips page.  But where do you get them?  Once you are registered to take the exam you can pay a fee to have access to 2 practice exams through the Association of State and Provincial Psychology Boards.  There are also books available with practice exam questions that you can purchase through amazon, simply follow the link attached to the title attached above.


There is frequent turn over of exam material as once someone has passed they no longer have any use for the material, and if someone has invested a significant amount into a program they are typically looking to recuperate some of their cost. If you want to purchase material from one of the 4 main EPPP study guide providers but don’t want to pay the high fee, you can purchase excellent study material on EBay.  Because this is such a popular way to buy study material, check out the full review HERE where I give eBay a 9 out of 10!

Study Material and Courses

There are 4 major courses that provide very high quality material to prepare you for the EPPP, and while they are excellent they are expensive. This is the highest level of test preparation you can purchase, in addition to the material you also have access to workshops, one to one coaching, multiple practice exams, and study tips specific to the EPPP.  There are typically a few options of packages you can choose from in order to find something that fits your needs.  Because there is so much interest in these programs I have conducted a detailed review of each, which you can read if you just click on the title.

Psych Prep

Read in in depth and review of what psychprep has to offer, including costs as well as where to purchase material at the best price. The Pros: It’s concise, practice tests are included, audio material, you get a rationale for why answers are right or wrong, you get personal feedback, workshop is included.  The Cons: No Flashcards, HIGH cost (unless you follow the suggestions in the post). Overall review is an 8.5/10.

Academic Review

Another in depth review of a major EPPP prep course, including cost of the program and where to buy at the best price. The Pros: 40 years of experience, more options so you can find something in your budget, practice exams included, detailed rationale about exam answers, links provided to online material from exams, online format similar to the EPPP exam. The Cons: All online, workshops cost extra, access is time limited, it is still a very expensive option (unless you follow the suggestions in the post). Overall review is an 8/10.

Taylor Method

You will most likely see the most ads for Taylor Study Method, but do your research to see if it is the right program for you.  We include a breakdown of some of the unique features as well as the cost. The Pros: It’s structured, offers video learning, customizes the program to you, lots and lots of practice questions.  The Cons: It’s all online, its expensive as you will need a few months of access at minimum, there have been quite a few people reporting negative experiences with TSM.  Overall review is a 7/10.

AATBS (Association for Advanced Training in Behavioral Sciences)

Making sense of all AATBS has to offer in one post, as their website can take a little time to navigate, including costs and how to get the best price. The Pros: It’s all the information you will need, it includes a 8 practice exams, has excellent additional material such as charts and flashcards, also 40 years of experience. The Cons: The amount of material is a little bit overkill, time limited access to the exams from time of purchase, very high cost (unless you follow the suggestions in the post).  Overall review is 7.5/10.