DSM 5: What Changed?

If you study psychology, unless you have been living under a rock you have probably heard that the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual was Updated, and we are now using the 5th edition known as the DSM 5 (DSM-V). This update officially happened in 2013, but change is not easy so it took a couple years for

Rorschach blot

Types of Personality Tests

It is interesting to think that your personality can actually be tested and categorized with some precision, and the tools used to do it are simply referred to as personality tests.  If you are studying for the EPPP you probably have a general understanding of personality tests already, but an in depth review of the


List of Intelligence Tests

Assessment and evaluation is a way of testing individuals personality, intelligence, behavior, and cognition in order to determine recommendations going forward.  Testing is often used in the education or legal system, but also in therapeutic settings to determine what may be inhibiting someone from moving forward in their life.  This post will review types of