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To start, I want to let you know I have absolutely no affiliation with Academic Review, this is an unbiased review of the Academic Review program.  While I have offered free study material, it may not be enough for you and that is OK.  Even if you feel overwhelmed you can still pass the EPPP, you may just need some additional support and only you know what is best for you.  I have listed a few options on the Product Reviews page, and I will post a couple specific links for how to purchase the material on EBay.

Product: Academic Review EPPP Exam PrepAcademic Review

Price: Packages Range from $449-$1089

Cheapest Place to Buy: EBay

Free Trial: Yes

My Rating: 8 out of 10

Tell me About Academic Review

Just to clarify, this post is a review of the product called “Academic Review” which is a test prep program for the EPPP, a licensing exam for psychologists.  First thing you may want to know is that Academic Review has been providing support for people to pass the EPPP for 40 years!  Unlike many of the other programs, Academic Review has the option of accessing their program 100% online.  This is believed to help you with when you write the EPPP exam, which will be in an online format.  The thought being if you are used to studying online you may be better prepared to write an online exam.

What can I expect?

  • Practice exams, which when combined offer over 2200 questions
  • Up to Date information, therefore the practice exam questions should be closely related to the questions you will encounter on the exam.  This includes update to accommodate the DSM-5 and current APA Code of Ethics.
  • The computerized format is similar to what you can expect to see on exam day when you write the EPPP.
  • 2 modes of writing the exams, Study Mode and Exam Mode.  After writing in study mode you will be able to see a detailed explanation of each question directly after answering the question.  In exam mode it gives you the detailed explanation after you have finished the exam.
  • You will be able to mark and save questions for review at a later time.
  • Automatic scoring
  • They will categorize the questions into content domain, so you can evaluate how you are doing by topic (which is helpful to figure out which areas you could improve on).
  • You will be able to pause an exam part way through and resume it later on.
  • The ability to track you progress and scores as you go through the practice tests.
  • In the online version of the study material you can highlight or take notes on the ebook.
  • You can be confident you will get a good coverage of all the content area of the EPPP.

Learn Through Testing Method

online testThis is an important part of the Academic Review Program, and they report that this approach is based on hundreds of applicants they have surveyed as well as their 40 years of experience.  This process involves studying while taking the practice exams.  Basically for each practice test question you take you can expect a detailed explanation of what makes that answer correct, and what makes the other answers wrong.  A really great addition is that this explanation includes links back to the study material content so that you truly understand the concepts, as opposed to just memorizing the details.  The helps you to fully and completely understand the material in the moment, which Academic Review believes is critical timing.  They also believe this is the most time efficient way of studying, because instead of flipping through volumes of books to find the right answer, you simply click the link and it take you right to where you need to go.

How Much Does it Cost?

Before you get discouraged by the high price, at the end there is also some information on how to purchase the material on EBay. There are 3 packages you can choose from, as well as training events and additional Tools.  The prices are in USD and are subject to change and I can not guarantee they are up to date, this information is valid as of 2017.


All Programs begin once you are ready, NOT at the time of purchase.  All of the packages include the same thing, the only thing that differs is the amount of time you will have access to the material. Included in the packages are:

  • A section on Diagnostic Assessment
  • E-Books, which includes exam strategies
  • Quizzes on specific domains
  • Practice EPPP exams with a total of over 2200 questions
  • Over 600 virtual flashcards
  • You will receive a discount if you choose to purchase any add on tools
  • You will also receive a discount if you choose to register for any training events


This is known as the “Study as You Go” plan, and it gives you 30 days of access.


This is the most popular plan that is purchased through Academic Review, and it offers you 90 days of access.


This offers you the best value, and it gives you 180 days of access.


If you want to boost your confidence and have the direction of a real live person the training events are an excellent option.  It can be helpful to have someone to ask questions of (or hear other peoples questions).  The training events are:

6 SESSION ONLINE WEBINAR- $549 ($499 with purchase of a package)

Each live session is 2 hours long which offers you a total of 12 hours of instruction.  You can take a weekly series of all 6 or divide it into 2 modules with 3 sessions each for scheduling convenience (you save a little money if you enroll in all 6 at once). The sessions include:

If you do not pass the EPPP, Academic Review will give you an additional 6 month subscription for free plus a 50% discount on any of the training events provided you have met the following conditions:

  • You purchased a 6 month subscription or extended your subscription to up to 180 days (with no break).
  • Taken and complete all of the questions in the domain quizzes
  • Taken 16 full length mock exams
  • Scored 75% or higher on the last mock exam you took
  • Studied for 300 hours in the online program
  • You took the EPPP within 1 month of completing the last exam
  • Provide your test results withing 30 days of taking the exam.

Free Demo

If you check out the Academic Review website you can try a free demo of the program.  You may as well try it, there is nothing to lose.


I think Academic Review is a great program, if you prefer everything to be done online you would probably really like their approach.  The Pros: 40 years of experience, more options so you can find something in your budget, practice exams included, detailed rationale about exam answers, links provided to online material from exams, online format similar to the EPPP exam. The Cons: All online, workshops cost extra, access is time limited, it is still a very expensive option.

The study material is more in depth than the material provided here. This website has provided the basic essentials which are meant to be used with your own research and knowledge. I definitely recommend the free introductory package to see what the difference is. My personal opinion (which you are welcome to disagree with) is that what you really need is the study material and practice tests, the other stuff is nice to have rather than must have. I can’t disagree that the nice to haves are…well…nice!  But they come at a cost and you will have to decide what is best for your budget.  But there is another option if you really want to buy Academic Review, and that is buying used material on EBay.

Maybe you have never bought anything on EBay, or you feel unsure about how it works. Check out this review of eBay including how to register and buy products, as well as why it is safe This is the best way to get quality used Academic Review material at a quality discount price.  Or if you want something new but not at Academic Review prices check out the product reviews page!

2 thoughts on “Academic Review EPPP Test Prep Review

  1. Hey Joy,
    This is the first time I actually have heard of EPPP and I’m actually lad I came across your review. My brother’s studying psychology and I’m currently looking for things that can be of help to him.

    Since Psychology is the study of people, I think the webinar is a must-have but I find the price actually quite steep though. Is this the standard price in the market, or are there other alternatives?

    1. Yes the price is steep, it’s a crime to charge people this much but that is what the going rate is. As far as live instruction (lectures and webinars) all 4 of the main exam prep providers have something, but they are all around the same price. I have not yet found a reasonably priced alternative but if I do I will put in on the product reviews page. Hopefully your brother finds some of this information helpful, and good luck to him in his studies.

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