AATBS: EPPP Prep Review

With so many acronyms it can be easy to confuse AATBS (Association for Advanced Training in the Behavioral Sciences) and ASPPB (The Association of State and Provincial Psychology Boards).  The ASPPB are the ones who create and give the EPPP, while the AATBS offers a program to help you prepare to write the EPPP.

To start, I want to let you know I have absolutely no affiliation with AATBS, this is an unbiased EPPP prep review of the Association for Advanced Training in Behavioral Sciences program.  While I have offered free study material, it may not be enough for you and that is OK. Even if you feel overwhelmed you can still pass the EPPP, you may just need some additional support and only you know what is best for you.  I have listed a few options on the Product Reviews page, and I will post a couple specific links for how to purchase the material on EBay.

Product: AATBSStudy for AATBS

Price: $999-$1699 (new)

Cheapest Place to Buy: Ebay

Free Trial: Yes but limited

My Rating: 7.5 out of 10

A Little About the AATBS Program

First off, the AATBS is an association that does more than just offer preparation for the EPPP. They are associated with multiple exams for a few different disciplines, and they also offer a large variety continuing education courses.  The course is advertised as comprehensive, and their reputation is that the material really does cover everything.  Maybe too much as some people report feeling overwhelmed by the volume of content.  The package includes written comprehensive study volumes in both English and Spanish, audio lectures, online practice exams, flashcards, DSM-5 reference cards, DSM IV-TR/DSM-5 comparison chart, theories of pychotherapy chart, one-on-one coaching, and exam strategies.  Cost of study material is provided but these prices are subject to change, the prices listed were as of 2017.

Exam Strategies

AATBS has created a book with the strategy which involves study and test taking strategies with a helpful attitude and healthy emotions.  The acronym used for this strategy is U PASS:

  •  Understand the exam
    •    Section I: The content and format of the EPPP.
  • Plan your studies
    •    Section II: Guidelines for creating and using a personalized study plan.
  • Attitude awareness
    •    Section III: Attitudes/emotions that can enhance your studying and suggestions for modifying negative thoughts and managing test anxiety.
  • Study the material
    •    Section IV: Effective study strategies to maximize understanding and recall of test materials.
  • Skills acquisition
    •    Section V: Techniques for improving your ability to analyze, interpret, and understand exam questions and select the correct answer.

There are also 3 lectures available over audio which are provided to help control anxiety, maintain motivation and a few extra study tips.

memorizeLecture 1: Strategies for Approaching the EPPP
Lecture 2: Using Hypnosis to Reduce Test Anxiety (Theory)
Lecture 3: Using Hypnosis to Reduce Test Anxiety (Techniques)

Before even studying the content AATBS recommended reading the study strategies book and then listening to the lectures.  The exam strategies package is $110.00.

Study Material

The AATBS program is advertised as comprehensive, and it is that!  There is a lot of study material provided.


6 volumes of information including terms, concepts, theories, and research (available in Spanish as well).  Each chapter also has an MP3 audio so you can listen to a lecture, it is recommended you read a chapter and then listen to the audio. This is a very thorough program, but it is also well written and includes tools to help you recall all of the information you are learning.  The chapters and volumes are regularly updated, but at the time this post was written the chapters were broken down as follows. The study volumes cost $349.00, the audio is $210.00.

Volume I

  • Overview and Orientation
  • Ethics and Professional Issues
Volume IV

  • Physiological Psychology and Psychopharmacology
  • Social Psychology
Volume II

  • Clinical Psychology
  • Abnormal Psychology
Volume V

  • Industrial/Organizational Psychology
  • Psychological Assessment
Volume III

  • Lifespan Development
  • Learning Theory and Behavioral/Cognitive Behavioral Interventions, Memory and Forgetting
Volume VI

  • Statistics and Research Design
  • Test Construction


600 flashcards in total which are color coded by the 11 different domain areas. AATBS believes that flashcards are an essential study tool, they recommend arranging them at first by either level of familiarity or content domain.  Then as you progress in you studying, only study the cards you have not yet mastered and in a random order.  The flashcards cost $110.00.


These are quick-flip reference cards that will show you all of the mental health disorders identified by the DSM-5 including: diagnostic criteria, sub types, and differential diagnosis factors.  This particular resource is not only good for preparing for the EPPP, but a good tool for all clinicians that are using the DSM-5.  There is a total of 360 cards, and the price is $150.00.  If you are still trying to switch from the DSM-IV-TR to the DSM-5 they also offer a DSM-5 transition combo pack which highlights and changes when the diagnostic and statistical manual was updates, and this costs $175.00


This is meant to be used as a quick reference guide.  It goes over some of the major changes when the DSM was updated as well, and for each DSM-5 diagnosis it gives an equivalent DSM-IV-TR diagnosis. The cost is $120.00.


A color coded chart that allows you to quickly reference the different theories of psychotherapy without needing to flip through a textbook or manual.  It covers: narrative, solution focused, post modern, client centered (Rogers), gestalt, humanistic/existential, cognitive behavioral, psychodynamic, strategic, structural, experiential/communications, extended family systems.  It costs $24.99

One-on-One Exam Coachingteacher

The exam coaching helps to:

  • Review your practice exam results.
  • Answer any questions about study material or exams.
  • Clarify concepts or terms.
  • Help in reducing exam anxiety.
  • Create a study plan.

Coaches are available weekdays for $150.00/ hour


There are multiple workshops offered, anywhere from a couple hours to 4 days, online and live.  Prices vary from free to $800. Because this information is subject to change quickly, check with AATBS for the most up to date information.

Practice Exams

The AATBS online exam system is known as TestMASTER, and it includes 8 full-length practice exams, with a detailed explanation of each answer.  There are 2 modes to take the exam, study mode gives you the right answer right away, and exam mode give you the right answer at the end.  It also includes specific domain quizzes with over 850 questions. 30 day access costs $475, and a 30 day extension costs $325.

There is also the option of purchasing an assessment exam. The assessment exam is 225 questions and is meant to be taken before you start studying to evaluate your knowledge.  The price is $109.00

Study Packages

As you can see, this material is very costly.  That is why AATBS has developed 4 study packages for you to choose from to give you a discount on material, and if purchasing this material the packages are really the only way to go.


Bronze Silver Gold Platinum
In Package In Package In Package In Package
8 exams, 4 months, unlimited access 8 exams, 6 months, unlimited access 8 exams, 9 months, unlimited access 8 exams, 12 months, unlimited access
In Package In Package In Package In Package
6 months, unlimited access 9 months, unlimited access 12 months, unlimited access
4 months, unlimited access 6 months, unlimited access 9 months, unlimited access 12 months, unlimited access
In Package
6 months, unlimited access 9 months, unlimited access 12 months, unlimited access
In Package In Package In Package
In Package In Package In Package
In Package In Package In Package
In Package
In Package
Choose In Package
Only Choose
One One
In Package In Package
$2,293 $2,618 $3,523 $5,018
$999 $1,299 $1,399 $1,699

Packages cannot be altered or changed.


AATBS guarantees if any content in the study material is updated within 8 months of purchase, you are able to request a free revised volume.

They also provide a pass guarantee.  If you fail the EPPP you get an additional 4 months access to testmaster and 50% off any workshop that you would like to repeat as long as the following conditions are met:

  • You purchased the gold or platimum package
  • Completed the assessment exam, all testmaster exams in order at least 3 times, you last score was 75% or higher, and last testmaster was written within 30 days of taking the EPPP
  • The package was purchased 3-12 months prior to you taking the EPPP
  • Consulted with a coach at least twice, the last one being within 30 days of taking the EPPP.
  • Contact the office withing 30 days of failing the exam.

Free Trial

Not a full free trial, but you are eligible for a free starter kit, access to a free strategies webinar, and a free sample exam.


AATBS is a good program, it is very comprehensive.  This material is something you could keep on your bookshelves for years to come and find yourself referencing back to. The Pros: It’s all the information you will need, it includes a 8 practice exams, has excellent additional material such as charts and flashcards. The Cons: The amount of material is a little bit overkill, time limited access to the exams from time of purchase, very high cost.

The material is a lot (A LOT) more in depth than what is given here. This website has provided the basic essentials which are meant to be used with your own research and knowledge. I definitely recommend the free introductory package to see what the difference is. My personal opinion (which you are welcome to disagree with) is that what you really need is the study material and practice tests, the other stuff is nice to have rather than must have. I can’t disagree that the nice to haves are…well…nice!  But they come at a cost and you will have to decide what is best for your budget.  But there is another option if you really want to use AATBS, and that is buying used material on EBay.

Maybe you have never bought anything on EBay, or you feel unsure about how it works. Check out this review of eBay including how to register and buy products, as well as why it is safe This is the best way to get quality used AATBS material at a quality discount price.  Or if you want something new but not at AATBS prices check out the product reviews page!

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  1. Wow, this looks like a very thorough course to study for the EPPP. Anyone wanting to do well on this, would greatly be helped by taking this course. You have provided a LOT of information on your website. This is great and helpful! Thanks so much for providing this!

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