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Psychology of the Workplace

Organizational Psychology is not a specific topic on the EPPP, rather it is sprinkled throughout the exam and related to other topics.  It has been separated into its own category as understanding the principles of Organizational Psychology on its own can be helpful to answer the questions you may encounter on the EPPP. When it comes


Language Development in Early Childhood

The development of language is an interesting topic as it seems to be consistent at all ages across cultures.  This topic will focus specifically on language development in early childhood by looking at some prominent theories, the stages of language development, environmental influences, and disorders in language and reading. Language development falls under the category


Piaget and Cognitive Development

Jean Piaget was a Swiss Psychologist who was instrumental in developmental psychology, as well as a significant contributor to the way education has been developed and delivered. The names Piaget and Cognitive Development became synonymous in the 1960’s when his theories gained world wide attention.  This post will cover 3 important components of Piaget’s theory,


Psychology and Memory

How do we store our memories?  What is the biology behind memories? How can I use this information to pass this stupid exam that I am studying for?  When we look at psychology and memory, it is about so much more than what part of the brain is responsible for memories, its also about how they